Chevrolet Transmission Repair

Chevrolet Transmission Repair & Maintenance

Hey, Are You Wondering Where Can I Have My Chevrolet Transmission Repaired Near Me?

When you think about auto maintenance services, you may think about services that needed to be completed frequently, such as tire rotation services and oil changes. Transmission service is essential to your Chevrolet’s long-term health. While transmission fluid services only need to be completed every couple of years in most cases, these services help your transmission to continue to function properly. The primary role of the transmission is to moderate the torque and the power that your Chevy’s engine generates. Without a well-maintained transmission, the vehicle would not operate properly. In some cases, it will not run at all. Auto repair issues can be inconvenient and stressful, and you may avoid many transmission repairs by bringing your Chevrolet to our service technicians for necessary auto maintenance work.

What Kind of Transmission Service Does My Chevrolet Need?

Your Chevy’s transmission is comprised of numerous parts, such as the pan, cooling lines, a torque converter and more. The role of transmission fluid is to keep these components cool while the engine is running and to provide essential lubrication. As is the case with other lubricating fluids in your vehicle, transmission fluid can turn from semi-transparent to opaque and very thick over time. This is because the fluid will accumulate an increasing amount of matter, and this makes the fluid less able to do its important job in the transmission. Approximately every two to three years, your transmission fluid should either be flushed or changed. From a mileage perspective, this service is recommended every 30,000 to 45,000 miles usually. Remember to consult your owner’s manual for exact maintenance recommendations for your model.

Should Transmission Fluid Be Flushed or Changed?

This is a common question that many Chevrolet drivers have, and understanding the difference can help you to make a smart decision for your vehicle. Changing the transmission fluid means that the pan’s fluid is drained and replaced with fresh fluid, and a new transmission filter is installed. Transmission fluid that is in the cooler lines and torque converter is not changed. Flushing the fluid includes a filter replacement and a complete replacement of all transmission fluid in the system. You can see that a flush is more comprehensive, but this type of service may not be essential if you are proactive about getting timely maintenance service on your vehicle and if the fluid is not very murky and thick currently. A consultation with one of our technicians may give you better insight about your transmission’s current service needs.

How Do I Know If My Chevy Has Transmission Damage?

Chevrolet Transmission Repair & MaintenanceTransmission damage often begins with mild signs, and these signs may become more pronounced within a short period of time. Scheduling repair service quickly may minimize the damage and prevent a complete breakdown. Leaking fluid, a burning odor, a ragged or rough movement when you change gears and an illuminated “service engine soon” indicator are signs that the transmission may require immediate service. If you have noticed these signs, schedule a diagnostic appointment with our technicians today to determine the proper repair steps. If your vehicle has not had transmission fluid service recently, now may be a great time to tackle this important maintenance task. Call our office today to request an appointment with our service team soon.


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