Chevrolet Auto Loans in Scottsdale

Van Chevrolet is one of the top dealerships in the Phoenix area. We pride ourselves on being able to help just about anyone to find a vehicle that fits their needs and their life situation. Whether or not you have good credit, Van Chevrolet can help you secure the financing you need to drive off the lot in a car that will make you smile. Our friendly staff has years of experience, and we take the job of helping people find the right car as seriously as anyone around.

Is financing a car the right move?

Financing a car can provide huge advantages to anyone needing reliable transportation who doesn't have a large amount of cash. But even if you have enough cash to buy a car with, using your free cash to buy a car might still not be the best use for it.

With interest rates at historic lows, there has never been a better time to finance a car. At Van Chevrolet, we deal in two main types of financing. The first is leasing. Leasing a car can be a great option for customers who need to quickly get into a high-quality and reliable car. With very low up-front costs, leasing can be a great option for those who need a car immediately for work, especially if they don't need to put tons of miles on a car each year.

However, leasing has drawbacks. The person leasing the car doesn't own it. Therefore, their monthly payments won't go towards building equity in the vehicle. Leases often impose mileage restrictions as well. Going over your monthly mileage restrictions results in quickly accumulating surcharges. These can make leasing unattractive.

The second financing option is loan finance. When buying a car on loan, the buyer gains all the same ownership rights as if they were paying in cash. Financing a vehicle with a loan means that the owner can drive an unlimited number of miles and can make any modification to the car that they would like. While the monthly payment may be higher than with a lease, those payments go towards building equity in the car or truck, which means that when it comes time to get a new vehicle, the owner can sell their vehicle, generating a significant amount of cash towards their next car or truck.

Can you still get vehicle financing with bad credit?

Unlike other types of loans, car financing is usually available even to those people with bad credit. At Van Chevrolet, we help thousands of customers each year who have poor credit to drive off the lot in the car of their choosing.

When it comes to automotive finance, having bad credit doesn't so much hurt you as having good credit can help you. Those with top credit scores are often eligible for truly great finance deals, including zero-down and zero-interest loans. But even if your credit is less than perfect, we'll work with you to ensure that you are able to get safe and reliable transportation.



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