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Chevrolet AC Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

Driving around town can become unpleasant or even unbearable at times when your Chevy’s AC system is not working well. All mechanical features in any make and model can eventually wear out, get dirty or develop other issues. When issues develop with your Chevrolet’s air conditioner, you may notice everything from changes in airflow and air temperature to bad smells and more. If you are dealing with a frustrating AC issue in your vehicle today, look no further than our team of skilled and certified technicians. We are available to quickly diagnose the problem, and we, at Van Chevrolet, can complete quality repair work without delay.

Why Is My Car’s AC System Barely Blowing Air Through the Vents?

When you crank your AC system up to full power, you reasonably expect a powerful stream of very cool air to hit your skin. However, some drivers will be disappointed and even uncomfortable in their vehicles when weak airflow is present. Numerous causes of weak airflow may be to blame. Some of the more prevalent causes are damage to your AC system ventilation fan, a moldy evaporator component and damage to the hoses or seals. With numerous causes, we will initially complete a diagnostic service before creating a customized approach to repair the issue.

What Is Causing Warm Air to Blow Out of the AC Vents?

When warm air blows through your car’s vents, you may initially check to ensure that you have the right settings in place. After taking this step, you may realize that your system requires professional repair work. In some vehicles, cool air may flow through the vents for a minute or two before the air warms up. This type of warm air issue could be the result of damaged seals, a fuse problem, a blocked valve, a broken compressor clutch and a few other issues. In other vehicles, warm air may stream through the air vents right away. This type of issue could be the result of damage to vacuum seals, leaking or low levels of Freon, a damaged compressor or blower and a broken condenser. You can count on our certified technicians to quickly identify the right repair process to address the problem.

Why Does a Car’s Air Conditioner Leak?

AC RepairIf you suspect that your car’s air conditioner is leaking or if you have been told by other auto techs that your system has a leak, you may be curious about the cause. The most common reasons why various AC components could leak are because of moisture and age. Moisture that enters the system through a tiny leak creates a corrosive liquid when it comes in contact with refrigerant. Corrosion can then occur anywhere throughout the system and cause the need for a full replacement. Regardless of the cause of the leak, even a minor leak should be repaired quickly to reduce the chance of severe system damage.

Can You Make My Chevrolet’s Air Conditioner Smell Better?

There are numerous reasons for a smelly vehicle interior, and one of these causes is the AC system. Your AC system’s air filter can become filthy over time, and this filth can cause a smell like rotten eggs to fill your car’s interior. Mold in your AC system is another reason for a foul small. When your AC system lines get clogged, moisture can build up on the evaporator case. Growth of smelly mold will soon follow. Whether you need the air filter replaced or the mold issue addressed, we can help. Schedule your diagnostic and repair service with us today.


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