Scottsdale car battery store, we'll start by testing your battery to make sure it has a healthy charge. Then, we'll give it a good cleaning, install anti-corrosion pads and apply a protectant. This will not only make sure that your battery is performing optimally, but that it continues to in the months ahead.

How Long Should a Car Battery Last?

The lifespan of a car battery differs depending on a variety of factors, including weather and climate. As the Phoenix area tends to get pretty hot and dusty during the summer, most drivers can expect to get about two years from their new Chevy battery.

While it's impossible to control the weather, there are several measures drivers can take to help shield their battery from unnecessary drainage. By following these tips, you may be able to enjoy a little more life from your vehicle's battery:

  • Store your car in covered or garage parking when not in use
  • Turn off your lights and electronics when idling
  • Try to make all of your drives at least 15 minutes long so that your battery can fully recharge
  • Avoid letting your vehicle sit for weeks at a time without being driven
  • Unplug power adapters and phone chargers when you're done with them
Service Technician Holding a New Battery

When Should I Receive Car Battery Replacement Near Me?

If your battery hasn't already died and required a jump start to power up, then you may be wondering when to have a new Chevy battery installed. While you can always stop by Van Chevrolet for a quick diagnostic test, it's important to always be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs you need a new car battery:

  • Check battery light has turned on
  • Engine takes longer than usual to turn over
  • Battery exhibits signs of heat damage, such as a bloated or cracked case
  • Battery is leaking and there's corrosion around the terminals
  • Low battery fluid
  • Problems with battery-powered accessories
    • Headlights and cabin lights flicker or appear dimmed
    • Power windows are slow to move
    • Horn sounds weak

If you experience any of the above with your Chevy car, truck or SUV, be sure to visit our car battery store near me right away! We'll be able to assist you in picking out and installing the correct size, type and voltage battery for your vehicle.

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