Our dealership has every original equipment manufacturer part that you'll ever need for your Chevy car or truck. Whether you need brakes, lights, bumpers, or spark plugs, we should be able to help you. We always recommend that any Chevy owner in the Scottsdale area have their vehicle serviced by our expert technicians, who always use Chevy OEM parts on every job. But even if you're a skilled mechanic who is able to keep your vehicles running with your own two hands, it is always a far better idea to use Chevy original equipment manufacturer parts.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

OEM Parts Generally Last Longer

Although there are still high-quality aftermarket parts makers, today’s low-cost aftermarket auto parts are far less likely to be of high quality than in times past. Many of the aftermarket parts you see today, even if they carry the trademarks of venerable parts makers, are actually outsourced to China and other offshore locations for their assembly. These parts are of far lower quality than OEM parts and often are designed to fit on as many different vehicle models as possible. This results in suboptimal parts that fit poorly or not at all. It also means that cheaper materials are used and that these parts frequently last only a fraction of the lifespan of OEM parts.

On the other hand, automakers like Chevrolet have made great strides in parts longevity and quality over the last few decades. Today, you simply won’t find higher quality or longer lasting parts for your Chevy car or truck than those you can get straight from our dealership, all certified as original equipment manufacturer parts.

OEM Parts Won't Void Your Warranty

OEM Brakes and Parts

Another serious problem with using aftermarket parts is that even using them for seemingly insignificant fixes, like replacing a headlight assembly, can technically void your vehicle’s warranty. In practice, Chevrolet makes good faith efforts to honor all of its vehicle’s warranties. However, all car owners should be aware that if use of a non-approved aftermarket part directly leads to a catastrophic failure of any major system in the vehicle, any resulting damage will likely not be covered under the warranty. This means that if you use a defective head on a vehicle and that results in serious damage to valves, pushrods or other engine components, those repairs will not be covered.

For this reason, while your vehicle is still under warranty, always ensure that you are using OEM parts.

Tailor Made for Your Vehicle

Easy Brake Installations

One of the biggest problems with modern aftermarket parts is that they are often deliberately engineered to work on as many different vehicle types as possible. This means that they often don’t fit with anywhere near the tolerances that they should have. While this can always affect the longevity and reliability of the part, it can pose serious safety hazards when aftermarket parts are used in safety-critical components and systems.

On the other hand, OEM parts were designed specifically for your vehicle, and therefore will provide a much better fit and longevity. Visit us today to inquire about a specific part. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about Chevrolet Parts.


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