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About Kitchen on the Street in Phoenix

Kitchen on the Street (KOS) is a faith-based nonprofit organization that helps eliminate food insecurity in the local Phoenix area, "turning hunger into hope...one child at a time." The organization began its roots in 2007 after the Scarpinato family heard that thousands of children are affected by hunger beyond school hours. Children who suffer from food insecurity may also suffer adverse effects, such as stunted growth or weakened immune systems. KOS serves the community to bring hope and food to those children in need.

Solving Food Insecurity in Phoenix

KOS is volunteer-driven and relies on the community to help fulfill its mission of eliminating hunger. These volunteers typically prepare and pack the Bags of Hope, which are filled with nutritious meals, snacks, and other edible items.

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Every custom package includes plenty of essential nutrients. For example, one bag has at least 50 grams of protein and up to 20 grams of dietary fiber. Therefore, the Bag of Hope ensures that recipients consume the daily recommended amounts of such important nutrients according to FDA guidelines. KOS also provides an easy way for people to make kind donations to the Kitchen on the Street initiative through Amazon and Fry's Food Stores.

KOS is proud to expand its food programs to dozens of public schools in Phoenix, AZ. Studies have confirmed that the organization's supplemental meals have significantly improved the academic performance of students in various grade levels. Nearly 30 schools in the Phoenix metro area have already received some form of food assistance from KOS. Every enrolled child who faces food insecurity qualifies for the signature Bag of Hope delivery, which is properly distributed within the school.

Are you interested in supporting Kitchen on the Street? Find out more on the organization's official website (www.KitchenOnTheStreet.org).