Checking Oil Levels

As a car owner, changing your oil should be a normal part of the maintenance that is performed throughout the year to keep the engine running well. For some people, it can be easy to change it too soon or too early over time. If you want to know you often to change your oil, there are a few relevant facts to understand to avoid making mistakes.

Look at the Mileage

Tracking your miles is one of the most effective ways to determine when it's time to change your oil. Most cars can run for 5,000 miles before an oil change is needed, but most manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 miles to avoid complications. Some models can even go up to 10,000 miles before an oil change is needed, making it necessary to follow the maintenance schedule that is provided in your owner's manual. The type of engine that is installed and the age of the vehicle will influence how often the oil should be replaced. Keeping accurate and thorough records will make it easier to determine the next time that you need an oil change to avoid waiting too long.

Should You Evaluate Your Driving Habits?

Your driving habits will also influence how often the car's oil needs to be changed, making it necessary to review how frequently and when you use your vehicle. Those who spend a significant amount of time on the road stuck in traffic will need to schedule an oil change more frequently compared to those that use the car to get around town. Severe driving conditions can cause more wear on the engine's parts and will require more lubrication to ensure that everything runs well over time. Harsh weather conditions include driving in hot weather in traffic, towing a trailer or carrying a camper, driving on dusty or unpaved roads, driving long distances at low speeds, and stopping the car frequently while driving.

Check for the Service Light

Checking Oil Cleanliness

Many cars will alert you by illuminating the service light when an oil change is needed. It's important to avoid ignoring the Check Engine light when it comes on because the engine tracks the number of miles that are added to the car. The service light may also indicate that other types of maintenance are needed, which makes it essential to have the engine inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Oil Life Monitoring Systems

Some models use an oil life monitoring system to determine when your next oil change is necessary to keep you updated on when it's time to add more oil. The technology records how you drive the vehicle each day and also checks the engine's operating conditions. Although the amount of oil in the engine isn't measured, a calculation is made and is determined by how frequently you drive and your general driving habits. Those who do a lot of driving on the highway will be alerted by the system after 6,000 miles.

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