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Using the Chevrolet Remote Start


Chevrolet models that have been manufactured in the past few years come equipped with some excellent convenience features. One of those features is the remote start. With just a couple of clicks of your key fob, you can start your engine remotely. If you have your heating or cooling functions primed, your vehicle will warm up the engine and get the interior ready for your arrival. You don't have to worry about putting your kids or pets in too hot or cold of a car, and you'll enjoy a comfortable drive as well. Not sure how the remote…

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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Change Your Air Filter

Chevy Silverado with stand up paddleboards

After a cold winter season, which is just as tough on your car as it is for you, chances are good you'll have a checklist going of all the car maintenance that needs to be done, especially if you're planning a road trip! You're already probably planning to take care of the basics – an oil change, battery check, and tire rotation. But another important service you should add to the list is getting your car's air filter changed.

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Is Your Car Safe From Hackers?

Chevrolet dashboard with touch screen

We've all heard of hackers. They're as much a part of the modern world as home computers, smartphones, and now smart cars. Those smart cars have weaknesses just like home computer networks have, and manufacturers are beginning to recognize the very real threat of car hacking today. There are sometimes hundreds of computer systems in a single smart car, making it prone to hacking just like any other network that relies on connectivity.

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