Apple CarPlay with iPhone in Chevrolet

Let's say you hop into your car and hook your phone up to the system. Within the next few minutes and hours, this turns into your source of music. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have both taken the automaker's world by storm. What are some of the reasons that you should use this system? First, the new system helps you to reinvent how your phone works in the context of inside a vehicle. You have a second screen setup, and when phone calls are made hands free.

Reason #1: Easier to Use Inside a Vehicle

Android Auto works as a system inside your vehicle. If all it did were blow up the version of your phone, most people wouldn't even bat an eyelash at it. However, it simplifies the interface to make it much easier to use inside of a car. You will have access to everything from music to maps to phone calls and text messages, and you only have to use your voice. The essential idea behind this concept is to eliminate distracted driving. You keep your eyes focused on the road instead of the phone.

Reason #2: Seamless Experience

The interface of the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto work very well. You move from the phone back to the car quite seamlessly, and CarPlay comprises of the main screen, and you have plenty of main screen shortcuts that will take you to the applications you have installed. The sidebar will almost always sit to the left of the screen, and it will house the home button. You also have plenty of apps that run somewhere in the background, and they may require some attention. Maps are one of the examples.

Reason #3: Voice Assistant Enabled

Likely one of the most significant advantages that you will find from using Apple CarPlay is how Siri comes enabled in the vehicle. If you have Siri equipped in the car, it will be infinitely more valuable to you. No longer do you have to touch the head unit.

Reason #4: Bigger Screen and More Road Friendly

Make no mistake that using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come with benefits. You have a much more straightforward interface, and the overall experience is far more car friendly. With the bigger screen, you can make phone calls to people, and you can control your music more easily without having to take your eyes off the road for a minute. It becomes a much safer option.

If you plan to buy a new car, it won't hurt to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your wish list. Especially since you were going to buy a new car anyway, this new system could be a lot of help. If you have to use navigation a lot because of your work, the navigation will use up a lot of battery and processor, which makes it overheat in the dock much faster, and you can remedy this problem by investing in Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. For those who happen to be in the market for a new car, do yourself a favor and seek one that is compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

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